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    Another species of bee added to the endangered list, almost wiped out by Monsanto,

    In case you thought that reporting on the rapidly diminishing number of bee colonies around the country was being over-hyped, this should tell you that prior warnings were spot-on, and indeed, prophetic. For the first time ever, a rare bee species is being placed on the endangered species list, giving them special legal protections enshrined in Read More

    China going clean? Province bans GMO crops for five years,

    Economic power China is not known for its quality control of products. In fact, especially when it comes to food production, it’s really not possible for the country to claim any of its agricultural products are “organic,” just because the air, soil and water over much of Chinese farmland is so polluted with heavy metals. Read More

    State and local GMO bans declared legal in Pacific Northwest,

    Bans on genetically modified crops imposed by state and local governments in the Pacific Northwest are perfectly legal, meaning that there is nothing the federal government or Big Food and Monsanto can do about it, a federal appeals court has ruled. As reported by The Daily Astorian, federal statutes do not preempt or otherwise prevent Read More